I keep reading articles from Psychology Today about the importance of free play and how we are stifling our kids with all the structure these days. This got me thinking about how in Minecraft you can basically do whatever you want. Which means that in essence Minecraft is virtual free play. Which mean that Minecraft is good for homeschooling and kids in general.

Do you buy my argument? Of course, it’s not so black and white. No video game is truly good nor bad.

The thing is I have a feeling that video games, the ones that are fairly nonviolent, are better for kids than TV. There has been research done showing cognitive benefits from playing video games which supports this.

On top of this, let’s really think about what the world will be like when our kids are adults. I’m pretty sure it will resemble something out of Big Hero 6 or Wall-E and I will be living in Seattle-Tokyo or something like that. There will be screens and computers in things we never thought would ever have screens and computers. Automation will change life as we know it.

You think the self check-out is crazy? I think this is just the beginning and in the future we will interact with screens more than ever.

Of course, this isn’t news. But it is important to think about how our world will change. How we are teaching our kids today and what will be important in the future.

Some of us are very wary of technology and some embrace it with open arms, but kids will need to know how to use it no matter what. (Unless you’re Amish).

So that’s where Minecraft comes in, it is the closest to real play I’ve seen in a virtual setting. So what better way to introduce kids to technology than an open play system that mimics their ability to play in the real world.

Maybe that’s why kids like it so much, they know something we don’t.

Fancy graphics don’t really matter, it’s all about the freedom of play.

I know lots of kids these days are a little obsessed with Minecraft, but I say maybe we parents shouldn’t feel so guilty. Maybe we should let them play. (With a reasonable screen time limit…)

If you’re looking for Minecraft after screentime is over we are really into these Minecraft books. They cover everything!

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