Even though we like to travel in a way that allows us to interact with the local flavors and don’t usually stay in all inclusive resorts or do cruises, once in a while you just need a little break. Am I right? Nothing wrong with taking a break from the usual travels to rest and relax and have someone else worry about meals and entertainment.

As someone who gets a little OCD about searching for vacation and travel options I like to think of new ways to search for tickets and hotel rooms. Speaking Spanish is a plus, so sometimes I do my searches on Google.mx to see what that brings up. Google.mx is the local Google version for the country of Mexico and gives preference to all sites that end with .mx. When a site ends with .mx it indicates that it from (or registered) in the country of Mexico.

The Logic Behind a Localization Travel Hack

So I searched for the resort that I chose in Google.mx and low and behold I got the localized version of the Club Med site as a result.

This is a great travel hack to remember. Many large resorts and cruise lines will have localized versions of their websites. Often times the prices on these sites will be lower than the American version of the site that you are automatically assigned to because of your American IP address. You could also redirect your IP address through a Chrome plug in if you want to take your travel bargain hunting to the next level. (Google: “Chrome plug-in IP re-direct country”).

Knowing that the Mexican Peso as at an all time low and the US dollar is very strong right now it makes sense that prices would be much lower on the Mexican version of the site.

Yet as I ran the numbers through Google’s currency converter I saw that Club Med through the Mexican site is half the price! Essentially it’s everything you would normally get but 50% off.

Here is a side by side comparison for the month of February 2017 of prices for Club Med Ixtapa.

Prices for Club Med Ixtapa from the US website:

Prices for Club Med Ixtapa from the Mexico site:

If we take a sample travel date of February 25, 2017, after running the amount in pesos trough Google currency converter. We see that 11,192 MXN = $519.85. If we look up we see that the US rate for the same room is $1099, which is more than TWICE as much.

$1099 vs $519.85

As you can see the Mexican Peso is very low right now, although this travel hack still worked a year ago when it was a little higher. I don’t think it’s necessarily correlated to the conversion between USD and Peso but more related to Club Med’s attempt to localize pricing.

Links to Mexican Club Med

Here is a direct link to the Mexican price calendar.

Access the Mexican Club Med site here.

Note: this works for BOTH Club Med Ixtapa and Club Med Cancun

I noticed that this deal only works on the Mexican locations so far, I haven’t tested all Club Med locations since there are quite a few but US locations and some Carribean locations are priced in US dollars so the hack won’t work for them.

Important Info for Reserving Your Rooms

The website takes Mastercard, Amex, and Visa so there’s no problem paying. This hack is completely legit since if you were and American booking your vacation from Mexico you would be taken to the Mexican site. Or if you were an American searching for Club Med via the Google.mx site since perhaps Spanish is your primary language.

The only issue with booking is that you might need to know a few things on how addresses are written in Mexico. Usually, they have the street name first, then the street number. Here’s an example screen shot:

As you can see I have the street or Calle as “James St” and the Numero or Number as 1001. In America, we would write 1001 James St but here you have to write it reverse. But besides this the Mexican site is easy to figure out and with a little help from Google translate anyone can do this.

Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page, would love to know how much you end up saving!



Club Med not your jam? Use these resources to plan an epic vacation. These are my go to sites, they haven’t let me down yet 🙂


OK so for a while I was Kayak all the way but I recently fully converted to Skyscanner. Why? Because they seem to be able to search more thoroughly and almost always find a deal that is lower than any other site. The key is to click “cheapest month” when searching in the calendar drop down. Another way to find super cheap flights is to input your from airport code and simply put “anywhere” for the destination airport, this will allow you to see which countries may be having a sale.


Is my number 2 go to resource for figuring out where to go. If you want to find great prices then flexibility is key Kayak Explore will let you see the lowest prices to any destination. I love zooming in and out on the map and figuring out how far I can go before we hit our budget cap.


Although we do use Airbnb quite a bit, for some destinations you can’t beat VRBO. When traveling with a large group or family VRBO can actually be more affordable. One trick that I learned from a veteran worldschooler is to wait until the last minute (or as long as you can). And message any VRBO’s that are still available, they may have had cancellations and will be willing to let you stay for a discount. Make sure to ask for a discount in your message. Rates seem to be a bit more flexible on VRBO than Airbnb. Another plus is most listings on VRBO are seasoned hosts and not somebody’s actual apartment (if that isn’t your thing).


Airbnb is my go to in urban areas. We love going somewhere and renting a place and feeling just like we’re locals. Sometimes we get lucky and find an Airbnb with kids’ toys and all the kids’ amenities. You can’t wish for better when traveling with young kids, it makes life so much easier. All for cheaper than a hotel room. Do I need to say more?

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