I’m not sure what we did before Airbnb. When you travel with kids hotels just don’t offer the amenities you need. I stayed in Airbnb’s that provide highchairs, cribs, baby gates, pack and plays, and best of all toys. Especially when you travel with you kids renting a kid friendly Airbnb can really save your whole vacation.

Parents of babies and toddlers especially need a few things to make travel easier. Most of the time it’s not an option to travel with your own baby gate or high chair, this is where those baby friendly Airbnb’s come in.

Anyone who’s been using Airbnb as long as I have will remember that a few years ago Airbnb used to let users search their listings with keywords, so you could just type in “highchair” and find all the listings that had highchairs.

For whatever crazy reason they got rid of this feature. So now the only way to find a kid friendly Airbnb rental is to click “family friendly”.


I discovered a great little travel hack for finding the best kid friendly Airbnb rentals. It’s super easy and I’m excited to teach you guys how to do it.

So all you need for this Google Search and an Airbnb account. I would recommend adding the listings you find to an Airbnb Wish List so you can see all your options and compare them to find the best Airbnb for you and your family.

Ok here we go in the next few steps I’ll teach you how to find the most kid friendly Airbnb’s.

1. Use Google to Search for the Most Kid Friendly Airbnb’s

First step, open Google and get ready to do a few searches. I’m guessing you already have a city in mind where you would like to find an Airbnb.

Type in: site:airbnb.com toys + your target city

I’m going to use Seattle as an example here.

As you can see toys is a good keyword to search for when looking for a family friendly Airbnb. For most of the results, you can see the listing price so you can filter out any that are too expensive without even having to click on them.

As you click on the results you’ll notice some of them don’t have any available dates, this just means that the host no longer rents the house or apartment out anymore.

Be patient this method can find some real gems. Like this place that come with a crib and toys with views of the water:

2. Wish list your favorite kid friendly Airbnb rentals

Next step is to go through all the search listing and add them to a wish list of your favorites. I love Airbnb wishlists because it lets me organize all the rentals I like for one trip. I can see them in one place to compare them easily. Currently, I have 56 wishlists.

Take a look at the wish list I created for the most kid friendly rentals in Seattle.

Looking to go international? I have a great wishlist for Denmark here.

3. Figure out which amenities are most important to your family

I would suggest you do the search for a couple of terms that are most important to you. If you are traveling with a baby you might want to search:

site:airbnb.com crib + city

If you’re traveling with bigger kids I like to search

site:airbnb.com play structure + city

If you want to take this to a whole other level than you can search in the native language of the country you’re traveling to. I do this all the time, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Usually, you will be fine searching in English because so many people speak it and most people but their listings in English. But I’ll still go into Google Translate and type in “toys” and translate it to Danish and search that way.

Copy and paste is my friend. I don’t even have that o crossed with a line on my keyboard.

So that search would look like this:

site:airbnb.com legetøj + Copenhagen

We found a great rental in Copenhagen using this method it had 3 bedrooms and lots and lots of toys. A courtyard to play in and a good location. One of the biggest benefits from renting from other families is they usually live in very kid-friendly parts of the city.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help. Searching Airbnb’s is a hobby of mine, just as my husband.

As always you can get $35 in Airbnb credit by going through my link for first time Airbnbers. I kept telling everyone that it was $20 for the longest time, but it’s $35 – which is way better!

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