The best resources I’ve found for traveling and making the money for the traveling. A couple of these are affiliates because you know bloggers have to make money too ūüôā But most of these are just really good sites that I use on a weekly basis.


Are you ready to start a blog? Ok, I’m going to list out two books to read and then two blogs to follow. There are way too many books and people out there trying to tell you what to do and you need to focus, focus, focus. The books and blogs I recommend are really good. Read these and you will be on your way.

Books for motivation:

  1. 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
  2. Crushing it by Gary Vaynerchuk 

Blogs for how to make a killing with blogging:

  1. Online Marketing by Neil Patel
  2. How to Start a Mom Blog 

Tools of the Trade: 

Blue Host

My hosting service for this site. I’d recommend them to anyone, they are the only hosting service with good support, which is a must if you’re starting out.


The best tool to help you write well. I probably would be fired from my job without it. I’m super prone to typos and Grammarly saves me from embarrassment every single day. So useful when you write for a living.



OK so for a while I was Kayak all the way but I recently fully converted to Skyscanner. Why? Because they seem to be able to search more thoroughly and almost always find a deal that is lower than any other site. The key is to click “cheapest month” when searching in the calendar drop down. Another way to find super cheap flights is to input your from airport code and simply put “anywhere” for the destination airport,¬†this will allow you to see which countries may be having a sale. Just the other day I saw tickets for Seattle to Switzerland for just $320 roundtrip.

Kayak Explore

Is my number 2 go to resource for figuring out where to go. If you want to find great prices then flexibility is key Kayak Explore will let you see the lowest prices to any destination. I love zooming in and out on the map and figuring out how far I can go before we hit our budget cap.


Although we do use Airbnb quite a bit, for some destinations you can’t beat VRBO. When traveling with a large group or family VRBO can actually be more affordable.¬†One trick that I learned from a veteran worldschooler is to wait until the last minute (or as long as you can). And message any VRBO’s that are still available,¬†they may have had cancellations and will be willing to let you stay for a discount. Make sure to ask for a discount in your message. Rates seem to be a bit more flexible on VRBO than Airbnb. Another plus is most listings on VRBO are seasoned hosts and not somebody’s actual apartment¬†(if that isn’t your thing).


Airbnb is my go to in urban areas. We love going somewhere and renting a place and feeling just like we’re locals. Sometimes we get lucky and find an Airbnb with kids’ toys and all the kids’ amenities. You can’t wish for better when traveling with young kids, it makes life so much easier. All for cheaper than a hotel room. Do I need to say more?

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