“Everything in life that is worthwhile is hard.” Or something like that goes the saying. Homeschooling seems hard, but I’m starting my one week trial tomorrow.

Why a one week trial? Well, I need to decide ASAP if this is the right choice for us and a one week trial is what veteran homeschooler Rebecca Frech of Teaching in Your Tiara recommends. Seems pretty wise to me (actually my husband suggested it first but I only agreed until I read it in a book, I should listen to him more often.)

I read this book after hearing about it from one of my favorite podcasts Fountains of Carrots. These ladies make it all seem like normal people can actually do it.

Everyone has their own reasons for homeschooling, but most have similar reasons and I’m sure mine aren’t any different. We all just want what’s best for our kids right?

Until today I thought I had an out though. I thought my son wouldn’t be interested in the idea because he did well in Kindergarten at our local school. He had lots of friends in his class and did well academically. So I asked what he thought he might like better “school at school” or “school at home”?

His answer totally surprised me, “school at home, because I can learn harder things”.

And it’s true, he could learn harder things.

I just didn’t realize that he was so aware of this fact. He does well in school so he knows that he’s one the kids that gets things first. I guess he must spend quite a bit of time waiting through lessons that are iterative to him.

So all my excuses are officially gone.

My daughter (4.5) told me that her favorite part of preschool is “the end”. Meaning when she gets to go home.

The crazy thing is that I wouldn’t ever have known this if I hadn’t asked. I just assumed that they were fine with going to traditional school.

So here goes, I’ll be writing a play by play to keep myself accountable 🙂 I’m doing math, reading and writing with my 6-year-old. I’ll include my 4-year-old when she’s interested. The plan is also to do Spanish (both my husband and I speak it, but the kids don’t). These plans will hopefully get more concrete in the next week.

If you’re a homeschooler, I will take all the advice I can get!

I’m especially fascinated by what your day looks like, and if you keep a schedule. And yes I would love to see it, is that creepy?

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