So Thursday pretty much kicked my butt. But two days later I am recovered! Feeling so much better and ready to make some crazy choices.

My husband and I are almost 100% sure that we want to homeschool this coming year. I still have butterflies in my stomach.

I had another talk with the kids the kids today about their opinions on all this and it ended with them chanting “school at home, school at home!” How can I say no to that?

I feel like most big decisions in life you can’t really be completely sure on whether or not homeschooling is the right call for your family. I do think it’s important to tally the vote of each family member. So far it’s 4-Yes and 1-Undecided. The undecided is me and the fact that there are 4 yeses it’s swaying my undecided to a yes.

(Note: I counted baby Mila as a Yes because she likes hanging with her sister and brother.)

I have no idea if this is the right thing for ME, but I do think it’s the right thing for my family. When I was younger this would’ve been a hard sacrifice, but after becoming a mom it’s something that comes naturally – wanting what’s best for my family. (That sounds cheesy, but you all know what I mean right?)

If you’re looking for a bunch of reasons to homeschool I found a good list on 18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children.

I would like to add my own reason: being in charge of your kids’ learning is actually fun. (Nerd alert).

I didn’t think I would enjoy putting a curriculum together but it’s actually really interesting. I love finding good books and talking to the kids about their goals and how we can achieve them. (It also involves buying stuff on Amazon which I am great at…if only that could be my job…).

Look out for a curriculum post from me in the next few days! I’m a total newbie and will probably have some great #homeschoolfails – will need all the help I can get!

Tomorrow we are going cabin camping, just me the kids and a couple of mom friends and their kids. It’s become an annual thing for us to go on a kids and moms only camping trip each year. This is my first time taking Mila, a little nervous but looking forward to it.

We found this Airbnb on a farm that includes 60 chickens…very exciting. (They also have wi-fi wooo!)

Wish me luck 🙂

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