Surprising thing from this week is that it’s going smoothly. Maybe it’s strange to be surprised by this, but I always imagined homeschooling to be something really hard (and possibly painful). Yet, our days have been good and there has been minimal pain on my part.

Now I know that like anything there will be highs and lows, but I think that maybe I lowered my expectations TOO low. I came into this thinking that it would be ridiculously hard. Why? Probably because that seems to be the general perception of homeschooling, at least the one I’ve been exposed to. 

So yes, it’s strange thinking you are going to dislike something and finding yourself liking it. I’m not used to dealing with such uncharted territory and it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised.

word dominos

For those who are about curriculum, this is what we’ve been doing:

History of the World 

Singapore Math – Primary Mathematics

Writing With Ease

First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind

This week we’ve also added some fun games to our routine:

Monkey Math

Catan Junior

Sentence Building Dominos

It’s definitely been a good move for us to learn in a fun away in addition to workbook learning. I really recommend Catan, it’s been a huge hit at our house.

hieroglyphics writing

I added on my own activities for History of the World and since we listened to Ancient Egypt this week we also learned to write our names in hieroglyphics. So yeah now we know how to do that in case we ever need it in life 😉 You never know, time travel and all that!

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