I don’t know about you,¬†but no one has ever described me as calm or laid back. I’m more of the control freak variety. Which is why I was surprised to hear that I now have the reputation of the “fun, chill Mom” at my gym.

Any Mom that’s been doing this for a couple of years knows what the “fun, chill Mom” is. It’s the Mom that doesn’t lose her cool. The one that all the kids like, with endless supplies of pirate booty. I have a friend like this, sometimes I think “wow I wish she was my mom”.

Anyways, never did I think I would reach this status, I did not even think to attempt it knowing myself. Yet, looks like after almost 7 years of motherhood, all those sleepless nights, and this year of homeschooling have transformed me into “fun, chill Mom”.

Why did this happen you ask?


Because otherwise I would’ve perished.

You heard me.

I would not have made it through motherhood without letting go.

It was a survival mechanism.

It’s kind of like when you drop a hamster in a bucket of water and it swims to not drown.

What? You didn’t know that hamsters can swim???

Obviously, you had TV growing up, and didn’t have to rely on swimming hamsters for your entertainment.

If I worried about one more organic fruit, or tv episode I would have literally gotten some kind of disorder where you sit in the corner and just rock back and forth whispering¬†“why me?” to yourself.

I might have come to read this post looking for advice. Not sure if I have any. But I do love this quote by Cary Grant, I kind of live by it.


Yup, the good old “fake it til you make it”. Hey, it works! Whenever I want to shout “WTH!!!!????” (which is often). I just pretend to be really calm and eventually I get there.

Note: My husband will tell you this is not a perfect technique, but hey it works most of the time….

Also, if this technique doesn’t work, you can always just look at the picture of Cary Grant above, he looks a lot like George Clooney, no?

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.04.19 PM

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