Homeschooling trial Day 4. Feeling pretty down on homeschooling today. Right now I’m sitting putting my the older kids to bed (they don’t fall asleep on their own) and I feel pretty frustrated. It has been a long and hard day.

So today isn’t a normal day for us because I had my monthly 3-hour work meeting. I usually do all my work from home but every month we all go in and have a long meeting. My husband watches the kids so I can make it, we would do a sitter, but Mila is still too little.

(So since he watches the kids in the morning, that means he’s working late tonight which is why I’m in charge of putting all the kids to bed.)

So I rushed to the meeting this morning and came home in the afternoon just exhausted. I’ve been sleeping badly, you know how sometimes your baby starts to sleep well at night but you still keep waking up? Yeah, that’s me.

So I just came home not wanting to homeschool, not really wanting to interact with anyone. After long meetings I usually just want to hole up by myself for the rest of the day and not talk to anyone, but that’s not an option.

It’s hot in Seattle and I’m stressed, it’s hard having constant demands and I feel like I’m walking around in a state of stress at all times. Like I just can’t exhale.

This is really hard.

I don’t have a lot of breaks, which I know is normal for a lot of moms. But even if I do take a short break there is some work thing that needs to be done.

Is this a sign that we shouldn’t homeschool? Am I taking on too much? Or was this just a bad day?

learning how to draw kirby

To be fair it wasn’t all bad, we did have fun learning to draw via these awesome YouTube videos I saw Cristy talking about on her blog.

And I did finally get a video of Mila doing her silly laugh: 

Laughing babies make everything better don’t they?

Now I’m in the right frame of mind to find some advice. Lisa from The Survival Mom has a good post on Top 16 Tips For Beginning Homeschoolers. Maybe I should’ve read these before diving right in? 🙂

I feel like #4 Connect with other homeschooling families is a big one.

Also, did you guys catch the “See me homeschool” link up that happened earlier this year? I’m kind of in love with it. Here is an example from Kendra at Catholic All Year. And here is the whole series if you want to go crazy (I know I will!).

Something about actually seeing other moms homeschool is so reassuring don’t you think?





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