Rough night, rough start today. My 4-month-old, Mila, woke up a whole bunch last night, so got a late start this morning. My husband started the kids on math though before he left for work which was awesome.

If you missed it read about our first-day homeschooling, and why we are doing a homeschool trial here


I proceeded to take my conference call while Mila was sleeping but she woke up halfway through and I held her on my lap for the last thirty minutes. She’s used to it though, that’s our usual routine.

I then had a moment to scarf down some almond butter out of a jar for breakfast, well it was 11 by then so not sure if that counts as breakfast.

Worksheet Drama

We had a bumpy start with writing this morning with my 6-year-old. I tried to encourage him to do a worksheet but he just got confused by the directions and got upset. To give him credit, the worksheet wasn’t very good. So I scrapped it and got him to write a creative story about our cat, with illustrations courtesy of his sister. It was very cute.

This led to a discussion about story arcs and how most of the stories we know have a conflict and resolution. Good stuff!

I’m learning as I go, and I feel like I’m discovering brand new things about my kids that I thought I already knew. Like I thought my 6-year-old was all about the worksheets, but even he has a worksheet limit 🙂 (Thank goodness!)

A Relaxing Afternoon

Lunch was pretty great as we listened to Magic Treehouse: Midnight on the Moon on Audible. Thankfully no goriness or bloody fox tails in this story!

The rest of the afternoon involved Minecraft, playing outside, starting on our Singapore math (which I’m loving) and making cookies. Although it must be said that it is way too hot to bake cookies in Seattle right now. My daughter had the right idea baking in her swimsuit.

baking cookies

It’s funny when you have young kids like this how sometimes a day can start out hopeless and turn out really great.

My husband was telling me tonight how our kids are playing so nicely now and just are better behaved in general. And I totally agree, we had some rough moments today, but we are definitely making progress.

A part of me is worried about stamina, do homeschoolers run out of energy eventually? When it gets hard how do you keep going?

My other burning question to veteran homeschoolers: How do you keep a preschooler occupied while teaching an older kid?



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