Ok so Day 1 down. I fit in 2-3 hours of schooling for my older ones. Of course, a major chunk of that was me reading. All in all, I say it went well. It’s hard but good. (Read here why I’m doing a homeschool trial).

I’ve realized that the more time I spend with my kids the more I’m able to influence them to be the type of kids I want to spend time with. Without me investing time they just act crazy, mimicking Spongebob (which they’ve never even seen!) and terrorizing each other. After a few good days of really spending time with them they are like different kids.

So that’s my take on homeschool. It’s hard but since I spend so much time with them they are better behaved overall. When they go to school they behave worse but I don’t invest as much energy.

Since we travel a lot and in general DO want to spend time together as a family it’s important to me that we enjoy each other’s company. So it seems to me homeschooling is an investment that’s worth it.

The question is do I have it in me to do this? Which is something that no one can answer and only time will tell.

On the baby and work front

As for my youngest (4 months) she loves the chaos! I think it helps having the older two around to entertain her and I’m loving all the bonding time they’re getting.

As for work (I work from home as a marketer) I got the project I wanted to get done, done today, so can’t complain. Tomorrow I have a conference call so we’ll see how that goes.

What is up with kid’s books?!

I would like to take a moment and say “What The Heck?” to The Blue Fairy and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both of these books were recommended, The Blue Fairy is part of the Charlotte Mason booklist. They are both so violent! I read The Bronze Ring during lunch today and had to skip a bunch of it. If you haven’t read it, it involves boiling people and killing dogs and using their ashes. Are people okay with this? Did I download the wrong version or something? Are people going to post me on Twitter under #homeschoolfail???

As for Fantastic Mr. Fox, it’s not as bad, but the guns! Guns and poor bloody fox tails. I couldn’t handle it. Does anyone have any good book recommendations that will not give ME bad dreams?

Feeling wobbly in Language Arts

So I’m feeling really good about math, math is kind of my jam. I’m thinking this Singapore Math series looks good. I saw it recommended on Cristy’s blog Fountains of Home.

homeschool writing

As for writing and reading though I’m a bit lost. My 6-year-old can read, but he really wants to get better at it. I had him read to me today, but I feel like we could do more. Does anyone have recommendations for writing and reading? I was checking out First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind.

Onward to Day 2!

Can I send you updates?



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