Homeswaps have been around for a long time. Most people saw The Holiday and all the magic involved of leaving everything behind and living a different life for a couple of weeks.

As parents, we need to be more careful about these types of things, and homeswapping isn’t a travel tool we use very often.

Yet, with the popularity of Airbnb, we are all getting used to staying in other people’s homes. Homeswapping just takes this a little further and has those people stay in our home. The best part? You stay for free.

While with Airbnb you will be paying over a thousand for a week in most major cities, home swapping has no payment. The trick is to be flexible enough to find a family to swap with you.

Why swap with other homeschoolers?

Homeschoolers have a different way of life that non-homeschoolers. They can get up and take a vacation more easily because of lack of schedule constraints. Usually, homeschoolers need to set up their homes to be more schooling friendly. So it makes sense when doing a home swap to swap with another homeschooling family.

Also, you get another homeschooling family connection in this mix!

For homeschooling families travel can be an essential learning tool. 

There are no functional tools out there to find a homeschooling homeswap, but there is a great Facebook group.

What do you do to start?

  1. Join the Facebook Group (it’s all private)
  2. Write a post about where you are and where you’d like to go
  3. Post a pic
  4. Other homeschoolers will message you via private message to initiate swaps
  5. Have a homeschooling travel adventure!

Join the Facebook group even if you aren’t ready to swap. We also like to talk about travel and plan meetups with traveling homeschooling families. You can join even if your family doesn’t travel and just want to connect with other homeschoolers!

Join here:



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