Back from camping and I survived! I was a little worried about myself going camping with a four-month-old, but she did great. Also we had cabins, so I guess not real camping after all – but there was no bathroom so I consider it camping.

So now that I caught up on my sleep, I’m thinking about schedules. I know we need one because I am a major schedule person. If I don’t schedule it I will not do it. This is why I never get laundry done…it’s not on the schedule. (It’s a believable reason right?)

I feel a little lost with curriculum plans, I’m not sure if that’s really our style. I’ve been thinking about how Cristina suggested focusing on goals, and I really like that.

Ideally if someone with the same age kids and same mindset could just email their schedule and I could follow it that would be cool. But we’re going to have to figure this out on our. I got a trusty planner and need to figure out this coming week. I’m starting early because I think it’ll give us more cushion space for mistakes.

We will read out loud every day, that’s something simple. I will need to do some trial and error with writing and math and see if it’s better to spend a whole day on each or to do both every day.

Currently, I’m reading Writing With Ease which is so good. Written by a college professor who decided to write it since most of her incoming freshmen can’t write a decent essay when they go to college. I think I need this book more than my kids do, at least they have an excuse for not knowing how to write well 🙂

I saw that you could order real caterpillars on Amazon, and asked my husband if that counted as science studies, he told me yes but was dubious about getting them on Amazon. Then I told him we could name one caterpillar Jeff and the other Bezos, how awesome would that be?

Anyways I digress, our daily schedule for this week will look something like this:



Lunch + Reading (I read to them during lunch)

Quite Time/Outside Time

iPad time (they usually play Minecraft)

Writing/Read out loud

I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate Spanish, but I figure I should start with the basics since I’m a newb.

I did join a homeschool co-op, so Fridays we will be doing classes there. I’m thinking it’ll be a good way for the big kids to make new friends.

Who wants to share their schedule with me? I love seeing what others do.

Can I send you updates of my next post?



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