We are not a family that ever thought we would homeschool. So I think it’s taken us longer to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t, and I’m sure we will still keep learning as we go.

When we first started homeschooling, these “See Me Homeschool” and “Homeschool Day in the Life” posts were so fascinating to me. I think they were actually one of the most helpful resources I found. I’m a person that learns by doing so seeing other people doing homeschooling was a lot easier for me to grasp than reading about it.

After a few months of trial and error we ended up in a routine that’s working well for everyone in the family.

As for many homeschooling families, our days are all very different. We like it this way, I tend to get discouraged if life is too monotonous.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we do a home education program through our local school district. I think this is something that is prevalent in Washington state but not everywhere else in the country.

Essentially it is a co-op run by the local school district. We love it because the kids get any elements from school they might miss like the interaction with other kids and joys of recess. The program is mixed aged so kids of all ages can play together.

The program takes care of things like science (which is my downfall) which leaves me more time to focus my own lesson plans without stressing out.

On top of this, they have a curriculum room, which is a little library of all kinds of curriculum you can check out for free. It’s like a candy store for homeschooling moms.

Another thing we found worked for us this year is homeschooling in the afternoon. I know this is not the norm, but it works so much better for us. I think it’s easier for me personally because I can do school better when I feel like I’ve gotten some things done already. I’m a morning person so I can’t really work in the afternoon which makes it the perfect time to school because I can focus completely on schooling and not think about work.

Here is what our schedule looked like last Friday:

5:00 AM – My 9-month-old wakes me up for a feeding, I feed her put her back to bed.

5:15 AM – I start work, I work part time remotely at a small marketing agency

7:15 AM – Mila wakes up and we make breakfast together, she eats like 3 eggs just by herself

7:30 AM – Kids eat with me, my husband leaves for work super early so it’s just us

8:30 AM – We all get ready and head to Crossfit, we listen to our audio book in the car to and from, right now it’s all about the Minecraft Series by Winter Morgan

8:30 AM – I do my Crossfit thing and the kids are in the child care room, they get to have mats and balls and get a little exercise themselves too

11:00 AM – We stop for an early lunch at Whole Foods because Crossfit kicked my butt and I am too tired to cook anything. Mila eats too so she’s all ready for a nap when she gets home which a huge plus.

12:00 PM – We get home, I put Mila (9 months) for a nap and kids do their quite time and I shower because I look like I went swimming.

1:00 PM – Kids get their screen time and I try to finish up on some work

1:30 PM – Mila (9 months) wakes up and wants to play, no more work today until everyone goes to sleep 🙂

2:00 PM – Kids are done with screen time and head downstairs for school time

2:15 PM – Roman (age 6) watches the Khan Academy math videos on subtraction and borrowing, while Clara (age 5) and I do baking math (math with a baking theme).

3:00 PM – Roman (age 6) goes off do his daily journal and reading time, Clara (age 5) paints while Mila scoots around in her walker adorabley and terrorizes us.

3:45 PM – I teach Roman (age 6)  how to play backgammon and we give it a go with one game, we have to pause it for me to put Mila (9 months) in her crib because she’s grouchy, which lasts about 5 minutes

4: 30 PM – Javier (dad) gets home and takes the kiddos for a walk on the trail by our house, I throw together some dinners and have a little quite time myself

5:30 PM – Dinner, I think it was Carnitas. We make everything in taco form at our house.

6:30 – 8:00 PM – I put Mila to bed while Javier gets the movie started, every Friday is out movie night. The kids look forward to it all week.

8:30 – 9:30 PM – Kiddos wind down and go to bed.

9:30 PM – I go to bed at the same time because I’m tired! And I also like to wake up pretty early.

Figuring out how to manage working part time and homeschooling was a challenge. Waking up early is working really well for me right now. I think the most important thing is to have some childcare, to have a few hours a week where I can really concentrate. I have a sitter come and watch Mila (9 months) when the kids are their “school” to give me some time where I can just focus on work.

It’s especially effective because Mila and our sitter hang out on the first floor of the house while I’m upstairs in the office which means I can’t be wandering around cleaning and doing dishes while I need to be working.

How do you homeschool? Join in on the fun:


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