I’m a Seattle area part time work from home mom of 3. (That is a super descriptive sentence). I’m also giving homeschooling a try this year, you can see my attempts here.

I must have some gypsy blood because I can’t sit still and need to travel, check out our adventures here.

I’m usually found reading, binge-watching Netflix, cooking, or Crossfitting, oh yeah and parenting of course 🙂

Recently, I created Homeschooler Travel Connect.

This is a Facebook group for homeschooling families interested in travel and home swapping with other families. Join us!

Let’s be friends

Connect with me on Instagram or Snapchat: olesyalu (which I’m still learning to use, so that should be hilarious).


Can I send you updates?

Let me know if I can send you updates on new things. Right now I’m working on traveling homeschoolers Podcast, which should be amazing. I’d love to let you know when the first one is out.


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