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This week has been super busy, so I haven’t had time to write but here are 7 quick things that have been happening around here. First of all the official school year started in our area this week, the kids were very happy getting to stay in PJ’s on the first day of school, especially since it was pouring down rain that day.

— 2 —

I finally got with the times and joined Snapcat on Blythe’s recommendation. I literally had to Google “How to Use Snapchat” before figuring it out, but now that I have it’s really fun. I would describe it as a combination of Instagram + TV + ADHD, who wouldn’t want to get in on that? I’m on there as olesyalu if you want to be friends, or whatever they call it on Snapchat.

— 3 —

I was in Portland last weekend and went a little crazy for homeschooling books at Powell’s. Powell’s is a giant bookstore that fills up a whole city block full of new and used books, and is basically amazing. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to share my finds on here later.

— 4 —

Have you heard of Periscope? Another app a la Snapchat, but this one is hilarious because it allows people to stream short videos in real-time. Right now it’s mostly randomness and drunk Swedish people in search of late night tacos, but I feel like one day it might be a challenger to podcasts or Youtube. My username is olesyalu if you want to connect.

— 5 —

Right now I’m listening to Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, it’s the new Elon Musk biography and I have to say it’s way better than I thought it would be. You would think a biography of a tech genius would be fairly dry, but the author has a really fun style of writing and is a great read/listen. I was thinking it would be good for homeschooling, but unfortunately Musk uses the F word all the time so that would be no bueno. Anyways, I definitely recommend it, it will be especially useful for when we all live on Mars and need to worship Musk as our saviour 🙂

— 6 —

We started our Spanish this week, and I love teaching it. In school Spanish and Math were my favorites so it’s fun to pass it on to the kids. You would think that our kids would already speak Spanish since my husband is a native speaker but we’ve been super lazy with it. Also, I think my son is a bit of visual learner and it’s been hard for him to pick it up just via spoken language and it helps him to see it written out. I’m the same way and need to see everything written before I really get it. I’m still on the search for really good resources, will post if I find any great ones. Today we watched Nuevos Amigos Lesson 1 and it did a pretty good job of reinforcing the greetings I’ve been teaching. I have to warn you that the lady that teaches it seems like she downed 4 espressos before each lesson though.

— 7 —

I used Prime Now to order a printer last week and it was pretty amazing. It’s a new service here in the Seattle area where Amazon delivers your things to you within 2 hours. My computer hasn’t worked with our old decrypt printer for years so it lives in the garage. We got this Brother printer and it works great. Anyways my poor children have never seen a printer before and as I was printing out coloring pages they acted like what I imagine a lost tribe would act like if they encountered a television.

Roman and Clara: Look it’s moving!

Roman: Don’t touch it, Clara, it might be DANGEROUS!

Roman: Don’t touch the paper it’s hot!

And lots of oooo  and ahhhs.

Welcome to the year 2015 children!

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