These are the best most entertaining audiobooks we’ve listened to as a family. And we have listened to A LOT of audiobooks.

I’m including only books that are part of a series because honestly those are the ones we enjoyed the most since we are able to follow the characters for a long period of time and really get invested in them.

I also think kids, young kids in particular, have an easier time with a book series because they are able to follow the books more easily, knowing the characters and storylines for the previous books in the series.

I used to be a skeptic of everyone gushing about audiobooks, until I became a convert. Whether it’s road trips or airplane trips, audio books are a great way to keep everyone in the family entertained.

Sometimes when I’m in the car without the kids I actually miss listening to their audiobooks. This was especially true when we were listening to the whole Harry Potter series. I would get into the car and think “ugh now I just have this stupid podcast to listen to…lame!”

I hope you enjoy these audiobooks as much as we did.

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Note: Most of the books I recommend are best suited for 6 years old or older, or 5 if your kids don’t get scared easily. I do think books aren’t as scary as movies so kids can read or listen to more complex material and be okay. 

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Ever since we’ve discovered audiobooks car rides have gone to being insanity inducing to actually pretty pleasant (as long as our 1-year-old isn’t screaming).  Our older two kids (ages 7 and 5) are completely enthralled with audio books, they are literally one of the best parenting “hacks” I’ve found.

So as we get ready to take a trip down to the Oregon coast, I’m thinking of which of our favorites to listen to next. I thought I would share some of the audio books that we enjoyed the most in case you too are bravely embarking on a road trip with kids and need some inspiration.

1.The Harry Potter Series

This is what we’ve been listening to, and have gone on 4-hour drives without breaking out any iPads/tablets because the kids are so engrossed in the series that they actually prefer listening to the book over playing on a tablet (I’m as shocked as you are). We are just starting the Order of the Pheonix now. Here are all the books in chronological order if you forget which one comes next like I do.

2. The Land of Stories Series

So this one we discovered by chance but have breezed through the ENTIRE series in a matter of months. Fun fact: they are written by that kid from Glee. He’s like 23 years old, talk about talent right? I think they are my closest to Harry Potter series I’ve read since actually reading Harry Potter. That is high praise. My kids love this whole series and keep asking when the author will write another one. I think the best part of this series is that the author actually narrates the audiobooks and as a professional actor he does an incredible job.

3. A Minecraft Gamer’s Adventure Series

This is the first series written by Winter Morgan who is now up to being the author of three Minecraft themed series. His plot lines are just interesting enough to keep adults engaged, but are works of art to kids who are into Minecraft. My kids keep asking for more. This is a sure bet for boys especially who may not be keen on audio books since they are pretty action packed.

I was pretty invested in what happens to Steve and his friends, I’m not gonna lie. Also, heads up most of the books in this series are only $3.95 each.

4. The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place

This series has a Jane Austin gothic type of vibe. The narration was perfect. The story centers around a governess that is hired to take care of three wild children that a wealthy man found in the forest. All the books are mysteries so it’s fun to try to figure out what’s coming next.

5. The Magic Treehouse Series

There are so many books in this series that I don’t think I can even list them all. The adventures of a brother and sister pair are something my kids can relate to and their magic treehouse is what their imaginations love. One of my favorite parts of this series is that they teach history. Each book is on a different historical topic, so you can pick and choose based on what your family is interested in.

6. A Series of Unfortunate Events








My husband turned us on to these books and at first I wasn’t so sure of them. They seemed really, really dark. Over time I grew to love them. The key to to understand that these are very different books than the usual kids’ books. The moral of the series is that we all experience hardship and it’s important to stick with our loved ones and keep going. Honestly, who could ask for a better moral than that? (Bonus: this series is now on Netflix with Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf.)

I could add more, but these are the best ones we’ve come across and the only books that our whole family liked. We have both a boy and girl so they appeal to both genders. Hopefully, you’ll find a series you like and enjoy endless hours of peaceful driving!

We use Audible to listen to our books, here’s a link to get two free books when you sign up if you want to try it out.


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