The 7 Best Things to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Packing for a trip with kids is an art in itself. Whether you’re a cruise ship newbie or a veteran you know that cruise vacation requires a different packing strategy that normal vacations. Cabins tend to be smaller than the hotel room or Airbnb.

A lot of cruise ships will provide certain kid items such a high chairs, cribs and even bed rails. Disney is one cruise line that provides all three of those things. So before packing these items check with the cruise line to make sure they don’t already have them. Continue reading

57 Best Audiobooks for Kids

These are the best most entertaining audiobooks we’ve listened to as a family. And we have listened to A LOT of audiobooks.

I’m including only books that are part of a series because honestly those are the ones we enjoyed the most since we are able to follow the characters for a long period of time and really get invested in them.

I also think kids, young kids in particular, have an easier time with a book series because they are able to follow the books more easily, knowing the characters and storylines for the previous books in the series. Continue reading

How I Saved $3590.40 on a Disney Cruise

When I was in my 20’s I used to scoff at people who took cruises. Those weren’t real travelers. No, I would stay in a hostel with ants and prove to everyone how authentic I was by having said ants bite me at night (true story).

My husband on the other hand, is a fan of cruises and all things Disney. He grew up going to Disney World a lot and has great memories.

So when our first two kids were 5 and 3 we took our first Disney cruise from Texas around the Caribbean.  Continue reading

Travel Hack: Club Med Mexico for Half the Price

Even though we like to travel in a way that allows us to interact with the local flavors and don’t usually stay in all inclusive resorts or do cruises, once in a while you just need a little break. Am I right? Nothing wrong with taking a break from the usual travels to rest and relax and have someone else worry about meals and entertainment.

As someone who gets a little OCD about searching for vacation and travel options I like to think of new ways to search for tickets and hotel rooms. Speaking Spanish is a plus, so sometimes I do my searches on to see what that brings up. is the local Google version for the country of Mexico and gives preference to all sites that end with .mx. When a site ends with .mx it indicates that it from (or registered) in the country of Mexico. Continue reading

Interest-Led Learning: Making Homeschooling Fun Again

Isn’t it amazing how knowledgeable your children are in their areas of interest? Your dinosaur enthusiast can name dozens of prehistoric species that you haven’t even heard of, and your dancer loves to talk about famous ballets and their composers. Wouldn’t it be nice to incorporate some of that enthusiasm into your homeschooling?

Interest-led learning is an approach to homeschooling that seeks to do just that; it can augment any curriculum you’re currently following or be used as a complete educational method. The guiding principle is to bring your children into contact with fascinating resources and experiences, igniting their natural drive to learn. Here are some ways to harness the power of curiosity in your home education program. Continue reading

You are the average of the 5 parents you know best

Most people don’t put thought into forming friendships and let friendships move along organically. Certain friendships progress while others die away because of lack of chemistry, or whatever mystical force that makes friendships thrive.

Sometimes we hang out with a friend a feel uplifted by their positive attitude while on the other hand a more negative friend brings down everyone around them. Continue reading

RV Roadtripping with Heather (Podcast)

RV Road Tripping with Heather on Homeschool Travel Connect

(Scroll to the bottom to listen on this page)


Hi, you are listening to Homeschool Travel Connect. This is a podcast all about homeschooling families who travel or living internationally. Today, I’m talking with Heather who spent six weeks driving through 15 states with three kids, including a baby who was two months old. Heather shares a bunch of really great tips and tricks for anyone that is looking into RV travel, so stay tuned for that. And if you want to find her or traveling homeschoolers, make sure to join our Facebook group, Homeschool Travel Connect. If you want to find some links to the sites we reference in this podcast, go to which is my blog. That is Alright, so without further ado, here is Heather talking about road tripping with her family. We start with my amazement of her bravery with traveling with a two-month-old.

Continue reading

Day in the Life of a Homsechooler

We are not a family that ever thought we would homeschool. So I think it’s taken us longer to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t, and I’m sure we will still keep learning as we go.

When we first started homeschooling, these “See Me Homeschool” and “Homeschool Day in the Life” posts were so fascinating to me. I think they were actually one of the most helpful resources I found. I’m a person that learns by doing so seeing other people doing homeschooling was a lot easier for me to grasp than reading about it. Continue reading

Kid Friendly Rentals in Lake Como, Italy

Italy is a wonderful place to travel with kids. Honestly, most rentals are kid friendly in Italy. Some of course, more than others.

Lake Como is in the Northern part of Italy and it’s a popular destination for vacationing European families. It hasn’t been discovered so much by Americans, so it’s not so overcrowded like more popular destinations like Cinque Terre.

I would recommend skipping the hustle and bustle of large cities when traveling with young kids in Italy. The Italy countryside is so beautiful and perfect for kids it would be a travesty to miss it. Setting up base in a nice Lake Como rental and then doing day trips to big cities like Milan is a great way to go. Continue reading

How to Learn Spanish in 17 Days

Learning a language is something most of us want to do. Yet it’s something we never get around to. We buy the Rosetta stone, listen to a few lessons and then stop.

My theory is that we stop because:

  1. We see no progress
  2. We have no feedback

Progress and feedback are crucial to learning, and without them it feels like you are stumbling around in the dark. Continue reading